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Perich Aesthetics surgeons use the Candela CORE CO2 Laser to enhance skin tone and texture through skin resurfacing. This non-invasive procedure reduces the effects of aging and sun on the skin, smoothing fine lines, wrinkles, and surgical and acne scars by removing the skin’s outer layers and allowing radiant new skin cells to shine through.

This procedure can resolve the symptoms of certain dermatological conditions. For example, skin resurfacing is often used for clients who have rosacea, deep folds, and wrinkles in the skin, warts, spider veins, and blemishes. Laser treatment can also improve the appearance of sunspots, sagging skin, uneven tone, and enlarged pores.

After preparing the skin for resurfacing, the surgeon applies a topical anesthetic to make the procedure more comfortable. The skin is then thoroughly cleaned before the laser is slowly applied to the targeted treatment area. The CO2 laser stimulates the body to produce its own natural collagen as the skin heals.

Although some patients notice side effects like tingling or redness, these usually resolve within several days of the procedure. During the healing period, you will be instructed to clean your skin with a special solution several times each day to avoid infection. Most clients require several sessions of laser resurfacing depending on their aesthetic goals, but you can expect the final results to last for several years. The process also continues to improve for months after the procedure is done.

Fall or winter is the ideal time for skin resurfacing since clients should limit sun exposure before and after this procedure to protect the complexion and preserve results. Laser treatment is appropriate for individuals of all skin tones, although it should not be used during active acne breakouts.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Are you bothered by the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, uneven skin tone, or facial scars? Laser skin resurfacing can smooth the complexion and remove minor imperfections for a fresh, youthful glow. At Perich Aesthetics, we offer CO2RE fractional laser therapy for skin resurfacing.

What is CO2RE ?

CO2RE is a fractional therapy CO2 laser for skin resurfacing. Your skin is treated with a matrix of laser light points that vary in intensity, depending on your skin type and desired treatment results. The result is a treatment that is fast, more comfortable and requires less downtime than traditional resurfacing – enabling you to get back to your daily routine much quicker.

What are the Benefits of CO2RE?

CO2RE is designed to effectively enhance the texture and tone of your skin for a smoother, more even complexion. This procedure winds back the clock on your skin by removing the impact of the sun’s rays and the natural effect of aging. Whether you’re concerned about acne scars, deep wrinkles, fine lines, or sunspots, clients who opt for this form of fractional laser therapy report dramatic results.

Experience Dramatic Improvement

  • Skin tone & texture
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Post-traumatic & acne scars
  • Age spots
Perich Aesthetics New Port Richey, Fl 34655

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Perich Aesthetics New Port Richey, Fl 34655

Who is a Candidate for CO2RE?

If you have scars, fine lines, uneven tone, or signs of aging, you may be an ideal candidate for this procedure. CO2RE is appropriate for anyone who wants younger-looking skin without undergoing an invasive procedure and has realistic expectations about the results of laser resurfacing. You should be in generally good health, and our surgeons will take a full medical and dermatological history to make sure the procedure will be safe and effective for you.

How Does CO2RE Work?

This treatment uses a fractional laser, which applies a matrix of light points to the skin. The laser application boosts the production of collagen, which keeps skin looking soft, supple, and smooth. It also encourages more rapid cell turnover to create an evener tone and fewer age spots.

We can adjust the intensity of the lasers based on your skin type and desired aesthetic goals for a quick, painless procedure that requires less downtime than traditional laser resurfacing. With CO2RE, you can quickly return to work, the gym, and other regular activities. Although you may experience some discomfort when the surgeon applies the lasers, we use an anesthetic to help numb the area.

What is the CO2RE procedure like?

You can expect some moderate discomfort during the treatment, but the anesthetic applied prior to the procedure typically makes any discomfort tolerable.

Is CO2RE safe?

Yes. You should speak with your surgeon about your complete medical and skin history to minimize the potential for any negative reactions.

How many CO2RE treatments will I need?

Generally you will see the difference you want after only one treatment. After the treatment your skin will gradually look softer, smoother and with less unwanted pigment. Over time, the fine line, wrinkles, age spots and uneven texture will start to show improvement.

Perich Aesthetics New Port Richey, Fl 34655
Perich Aesthetics New Port Richey, Fl 34655

How long will the results last?

There are a number of variables that will determine how long you can expect the results to last including: your health, age and how you care for your skin after treatment.

What Should I Expect After the Procedure?

You may feel a slightly painful sensation similar to a sunburn, but it will resolve within a few hours. As your skin begins to exfoliate dead cells to foster new growth, you will notice peeling for up to 10 days. Caring for your skin and protecting it from the sun when you’re outdoors can help preserve the results of your treatment. Although your complexion will look fresher and more youthful after a single treatment, we may recommend follow-up treatment depending on your desired results.

Contact the team at Perich Aesthetics today to explore whether laser skin resurfacing with CO2RE is right for you. We’ve been serving clients in the Tampa Bay area since 1991.